Black Men Talking (BMT)

BMT is a discussion and support group of same gender loving men, at least 25 years of age, who meet monthly at St. Martin’s, usually on the last Friday of the month (except November and December). BMT begins with a shared meal followed by media presentations centering around the lives of black gay men or other marginalized populations. For the first year, the group viewed Noah’s ARC seasons 1 and 2 together, for entertainment and discussion on related themes. Occasionally men will share their own writings. The group ends with stories, experiences, testimonies and struggles from their own lives.

BMT Elders is an additional monthly gathering of SGL leaders who are members of St. Martin’s, active in congregational life, at least 35 years of age. The focus is on leadership and development of BMT activities, as well as mentoring of younger SGL men.

Derrick Dawson and Larry Nance are the facilitators for BMT. For more information, contact Derrick Dawson at or Larry Nance at