Christmas Letter 2019




Saint Martin’s Episcopal Church

Christmas 2019

“Do not be afraid…I am bringing you good news of great joy for all people.” (Luke 2:10)

I was recently interviewed to share why I thought it was still important to celebrate Christmas. I wasn’t quite feeling the ‘spirit of the season’ yet; so, I kinda surprised myself when I over-heard me say, “this year I think we need Christmas more than ever!” I had thought about all the challenging headlines in the news and the losses in our midst and begin to wonder if I could finish the interview with integrity. Therefore, I turned to Saint Luke’s timeless, miraculous story reminding us of God coming to the world, in the flesh, to be with us. And I thought of the good news we have shared with each other throughout the year. And suddenly, I began to feel the Spirit moving. God is truly with us at St. Martin’s—time and time again!!


We invite you to celebrate Christmas with us. Our special holiday program features:


Monday, December 23, 7pm, Blue Christmas service of healing & hope, This is a service for those who feel at odds with the general feeling of joy and happiness typically associated with this time of year – those who may have suffered a personal loss, such as death of a loved one, divorce, illness, or job loss.


Tuesday, December 24, 7pm, We celebrate on Christmas Eve, the Holy Nativity of Our Lord


Also, as is our custom, we invite your participation in our annual special Christmas collection. Please be generous and share with St. Martin’s from the blessings God has granted you this year. Your gifts are always appreciated and help make St. Martin’s a place of transformation, wonder and miracles. Your donation can be made online,

or mailed to St. Martin’s at 5700 W. Midway Park, Chicago60644. As a special Christmas gift   to you we will send a copy of St. Martin’s 140th Anniversary Souvenir Book – a full color, 28-page booklet depicting our mission and vision.


Thank you for all you do to support St. Martin’s! Sometimes I forget the wonder of the Incarnation among us, but when I think of you—family and friends—far and near, I remember!


Fr. Christopher E. Griffin, Vicar