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November 27th, 2018

Imagine neighborhood teens looking for a safe space to hang out, chat, meet with mentors, form peace circles but not having such a place to accommodate them aside from their home schools (when they are open).

Think about the local elderly needing a nearby accessible place where they can gather, share a meal, receive valuable information on their safety, their health, their economic needs, share their stories, triumphs and struggles, but not enough places exist to host them.

Envision artists-performing and fine artists, young and old, of varying ethnicities, identities, abilities-also needing a location to create, express, share their art, teach their craft, but most of those locations are in other parts of the city or suburbs.

And what about the LGBTQA community needing sanctuaries anywhere/everywhere but not having nearly enough centers or churches to gather, celebrate, meditate, or worship.

We need such places for all the above…we need SAINT MARTIN’S!!

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church is a wonderful, vibrant faith community located in the Austin neighborhood in Chicago.  We have been blessed with three beautiful buildings for the church’s use and for the benefit of the community-aesthetic benefits as well as programs and ministries.  The Sanctuary is celebrating 140 years and the Parish House marks its 50th anniversary.  An annex was added to the church by the Diocese of Chicago in the 60’s with the intentional purpose to better serve the Austin community regardless of their religious affiliation.

Like many religious institutions have changed over the last several decades, St. Martin’s is no exception.  Many mainline denominations that once thrived in earlier times, now have large underserved, underserviced and under-utilized buildings no longer supporting communities where they are located.  Through grants, donations, pledges, skilled workers and consultants, and lots of prayers, we were able to make St. Martin’s more structurally accessible inside the facility through building an indoor vertical platform lift—an elevator of sorts.  And we converted one of the bathrooms in the lower level to be completely accessible.  This has truly been a godsend.

Unfortunately, many challenges remain on the upkeep of our property-property used to house programs-programs still in need by the community.

In a recent appraisal of our rectory and church, we have learned we are in desperate need of financial support just to ensure our buildings are safe and up-to-code, let alone needed repairs, fixtures and touch-ups to take care of the space entrusted to us.

We have been busy.  But ain’t no stopping us now! We want our St. Martin’s, your St. Martin’s, to thrive! Will you help us continue our legacy into the future?  It takes love, it takes heart, it takes work, it takes prayer, and it takes money to sustain churches like St. Martin’s in urban communities like Austin.  We have much love, a whole lot of heart, we work hard, and we pray without ceasing; yet, we need your financial support.

Your donation supports these Saint Martin’s programs, ministries and so much more

Carey Overstreet Arts Mentorship Program
This is a 5-week summer arts program for children, ages 5 to 12, at St. Martin’s usually held in August.  It is named after Carey Overstreet who was an amazing artist and community builder.  Carey believed in the power of arts to change lives and crucial in the development of children’s creativity and intellect.

St. Martin’s Repertory Theatre
SMRT is program dedicated to serving the community through the dramatic arts.  SMRT prides itself on providing space for playwrights, directors, stage managers, actors and all who are interested in theater.  We provide workshops and training sessions for budding thespians.  We are especially proud of being a place where marginalized voices are heard.

Senior Ministry (formerly Chat & Chew)
This is a new ministry of St. Martin’s designed to serve the elderly in the church and in the community.  The Senior Ministry will encompass the former outreach program “Chat & Chew”-informational sessions and a light meal for our neighbors.  The Senior Ministry will serve seniors within the church family and beyond providing fun and recreational activities according to the interests.

…In the Sanctuary
In the Sanctuary encompasses our concert series created to bring different music genre, Blues, Jazz, R & B, etc. to the church and community for entertainment, education and fundraising.  Our sanctuary is transformed into a concert hall to host local performing artists.  This venue also includes a live auction and refreshment bar / café for a wonderful evening.

…At the Rectory
At the Rectory is the brand that houses programs that take place at the rectory such as receptions, book signings, spoken word events, concerts for young artists and most recently artists in residence program.

has been always an important tradition at St. Martin’s.  There remain in the Narthex, plaques dedicated to choir members and organists from years past.  Continuing this tradition, in the past few years we brought in a music director to help develop congregational and choral singing and lead contemporary praise and worship.  We shifted the primary instrumentation in our services from acoustic piano to electronic keyboard and (Hammond) organ and added a bass player (a talented high school student who has grown up at St. Martin’s) and a drummer to form an amazing band of musicians adding a very dynamic sound and flow to our worship.  Moreover, we have rebuilt our choir.

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