EVERYBODY HAS A STORY theater workshop report


group photoOn Saturday, April 21 St. Martin’s presented EVERYBODY HAS A STORY, a theater workshop organized by Tellin’ Tales Theatre to introduce participants to the techniques of creating a solo performance piece based on one’s own life story. Ten of us sat in a circle around, Tekki Lomnicki, the workshop leader. Our group included parishioners, neighborhood residents, and supporters from outside of the community – people with different world views who gathered together to engage in conversation and share stories.  We learned how to generate ideas and tell our stories using setting, character development, and movement, and in the process honored our differences and discovered commonalities.

“I loved the mix of people and every one of the stories. The sanctuary was alive with the stories of people of different races and disabilities. As the day went on participants learned how to dig deeper and came up with ways to connect with others through their stories. I was honored to lead such an amazing group.”                   Tekki Lomnicki

Tekki Lomnicki, is a performer with a disability, who is the Artistic Director of Tellin’ Tales Theatre, a company dedicated to shattering the barriers between the disabled and non-disabled worlds through the power of personal story.

Three of St. Martin’s parishioners, Celeste Darey, Derrick Dawson and Tom Jones, have been invited to participate in a 6-Week Solo Performance Workshop that will culminate in a fully produced show in June.

These programs are presented free by Tellin’ Tales Theatre and Bodies of Work, a program of the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois-Chicago with funding from The Chicago Community Trust.

Theresa Pacione 4.26.2018