Study Reparations for African Americans

Please consider reading the petition in its entirety. It gives a broad stroke look at some of the ways slavery has had a lasting effect on modern day America.

By signing the petition, a copy will automatically be addressed to your representative. If enough people sign the petition it truly does become a mandate that our government take steps toward moving forward on this issue. Please also consider posting the petition to your own Facebook or Twitter account so that it gets the broadest exposure possible.

With the alarming upsurge in violence against so many people following the recent election it has become ever more imperative that we address the social divide in our country on many fronts. While many advances have been made, the damage done to countless individuals, families & society at large remains a festering wound for this country. It is apparent from the numbers represented at the polls that feelings are raw about a number of issues.

Regarding slavery there can be no question of the damage perpetrated on the affected people. The lingering effects of that damage can hardly be understated. If anyone wonders about why people are unable to just “get over it” or that “things are different (or better) now” I strongly recommend reading any narrative about an illiterate slave by the name of Sojourner Truth. The depth of her convictions can hardly be ignored from the events she lived through in her life.


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