Carey Overstreet Artist Mentor Program Gallery


CHARLES NITTI is an artist renowned for his inventive original artworks in Trompe L’Oeil mural art, a technique that uses realistic imagery to create optical illusions that depict objects in 3D. He has created work in advertising, animation, film strips, theatre backdrops, set design, poster prints and children’s book illustrations. In Chuck’s class you will learn how to create characters and cartoons, and develop stories.

EDNA PORTER, a Chicago artist whose paintings are significant for their vibrant colors and imaginative composition, developed her unique style while studying at the American Academy of Fine Arts and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has mentored and taught young people in her studio, and most recently, at Evanston’s District 65 Elementary Schools as a member of Build a Kid after-school art program. Prepare to have fun and learn about color, abstract painting, and outsider art in Edna’s workshop.

Carey Overstreet Artist Mentor Program