Our Values

We are:

  • An Austin Church committed to dismantling racism and working for social justice.
  • We welcome those who are unchurched or whose needs and aspirations are unfulfilled by traditional churches.
  • Because we view ourselves as a local organic expression of the Body of Christ, the participation of every member in corporate and personal study and reflection, common prayer, stewardship of resources, and fellowship is crucial.
  • We are committed to creating space for marginal voices that are unheard in dominant stories.
  • We welcome and affirm African American gay and lesbian (LGBT) people and the unique contributions they bring to the church.
  • We welcome and affirm multiple types of families.
  • Through the Good ground Institute we educate and create strategies for change.
  • Through the study of radical African American religious traditions, we will create new ways of being together inspired by Jesus’ proclamation of God’s reign of justice.